Continuous Improvement and Liaison update

June 13, 2022

BRG Post-Award User Guide 2022 (V10.06-16-22)

Liaisons by District

Thank you to all who participated in the BRG Application Listening Session. We heard you and will be utilizing your feedback in our continual process improvement efforts to make the Building Renewal Grant program easier and more transparent. While we work on that, please click the link above for the updated Post-Award User Guide. We have made improvements to the detailed instructions on the processes for accepting your award, Activity Reports, Grant Amendments, Financial Reports and project closeout.

As you may know, we recently added Shawn Masel, as the sixth member, to our team of Liaisons. Having previously worked as the grants manager at Tucson Unified School District, she brings an invaluable perspective and we want to share that with all of you. With 217 school districts and six Liaisons, we have started by re-assigning the Liaisons to school districts by geographic area. Shawn, for example, is now the new Liaison for the districts in the south and southeast area of the State covering Cochise, Pima and Santa Cruz Counties. Click the link below to find your Liaison assignment.