David Kennon

image of David Kennon
School Facilities Liaison

David Kennon is a native Arizonan and graduate of Sahuaro High School in Tucson. He studied pre-engineering and air-conditioning at Pima College and attended the University of Arizona Energy Engineering Program as a Newmont Mining scholar. David has worked as an underground miner and mechanic, field project manager, and for Dow Chemical as a mechanical consultant but, the HVAC industry is his passion. Through major manufacturer and industry courses, seminars, and hands-on experience, he mastered plant design and optimization, electrical and load calculations, and energy management controls. David first joined the School Facilities Board as the Assessor in 2007 before transitioning into his role as a Liaison. Prior to working for the SFB, he designed and managed construction projects primarily for government entities. In his spare time, David loves fishing and traveling around the beautiful State of Arizona.