Emergency Deficiencies Correction


Emergency Deficiencies Correction Fund: Application Process and Procedures

Per A.R.S. §41-5721, school districts may qualify for assistance from the Emergency Deficiencies Correction Fund (EDC) if they can demonstrate that their situation meets the statutory definition of an "emergency." An emergency is defined as a serious need for materials, services, construction, or expenses that exceeds the school district's adopted budget for the current fiscal year and seriously threatens the functioning of the district, the preservation or protection of property, or public health, welfare, or safety.


Application Process

If a school district believes its circumstances meet the statutory definition of an emergency, it may submit a request for funds from the Emergency Deficiencies Correction Fund. In order to apply, login to District Access .

Emergency Deficiencies Correction Application

 Change Orders

Change Orders may be initiated by unforeseen conditions or alterations to the scope of work, schedule, or cost. Change Orders must be submitted in PayAppinator and shall be approved by Division staff within two business days. Pre-award design meetings will be held to review bid proposals.

Emergency Deficiencies Correction Change Order

Emergency Deficiencies Correction Project Closeout

Project Closeout Form SFB EP 615-08 for Emergency Deficiency Corrections project completion. This form may be filled out using a spreadsheet program, then print, sign and submit to the SFD. If you have any questions, please contact Kerry Campbell at [email protected].

Emergency Deficiencies Correction Project Closeout Form


Please refer to the provided links or contact your School Facilities Liaison. The official policy for EDC can be found HERE.