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Birth Data 2001 through 2017

The SFB has updated geo-coded birth information with 2017 data.  The information is compiled from data obtained from the Arizona Department of Health Services. Neither the SFB or DHS can guarantee the accuracy of the geo-coding. Therefore, these data are only provided as is and should be used judiciously. Several school districts with apparent irregularities in birth data have been marked. The SFB does not publish aggregate birth numbers less than 20.  For your convenience the information is being provided by School Year and by Calendar Year.

Birth Data by School Year

Birth Data by Calendar Year

ADM Yield Factors

The SFB has calculated ADM yield factors for every school district in Arizona based on Censuses 2000 and 2010.  For school districts in Maricopa County and Pinal County, the SFB has also developed a time series of ADM yield factors during 2001-2018 and 2012-2018, respectively. ADM yield factors for school districts in Pima County have been added for 2018. Such data is not available for school districts in other counties due to lack of housing completion data. It should be noted that a district's ADM yield factor can change considerably over time depending on the changing demographics of the district.