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Building Renewal Grants

The Building Renewal Grant fund was established for the purpose of maintaining the adequacy of existing school facilities.  School districts may apply for these monies to fund primary building renewal projects including major renovations and repairs of a building, upgrades to building systems that will maintain or extend the useful life of a building, and for infrastructure costs.

Emergency Deficiencies Correction

The Emergency Deficiencies Correction Program is an application based funding program wherein school districts may apply to the SFB for funds to correct facility deficiencies that threaten the functioning of the school district, the preservation or protection of property or public health, welfare or safety.  The cost of the correction must also exceed the school district’s current year budget.

New School Facilities

Students FIRST established a New School Facilities fund for the purpose of constructing new schools to meet the minimum adequacy guidelines.  The criteria to determine school district eligibility for new school facilities funding are based on an annual evaluation and approval of school district enrollment projections and the additional square footage that would be needed to maintain adequacy standards in a school district.  Land acquisition is funded by the New School Facilities fund.

Preventive Maintenance

The SFB Preventive Maintenance Program was established to assist school districts with the development of routine preventive maintenance guidelines for its facilities.  The guidelines shall include plumbing systems, electrical systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, special equipment and other systems and for roofing systems shall recommend visual inspections performed by district staff for signs of structural stress and weakness.