Construction and Land Acquisition

This is a list of Held for Consideration awards to date. These awards are for planning purposes only and have no funding associated with them. Last updated 6/13/2022.

Held For Consideration-Capital Plan Awards

This is a list of all New School Facilities projects awarded by the SFB since 1999. Last updated 6/13/2022.

New School Facilities Awards to Date

This document contains project information, including photos, for every new school construction project funded by the SFB. To view a particular project, open the 'bookmark' list, click on a district, then scroll through the projects. Bookmarks are sorted by district and include only completed projects.
If you would like to submit a photo or provide additional information about your district's project, please email Kerry Campbell at [email protected].

New Construction Photo Gallery

When a district receives funding from the SFB, the district signs Terms and Conditions governing the management of that award. The Board initially adopted T&C's for Purchases on June 14, 1999. On April 3, 2008, the Board modified these and developed a specific set each for Purchases, Leases and Donations.

Land Acquisition-Terms and Conditions

This spreadsheet shows a timeline of the steps required to acquire a State Land Lease

State Land Acquisition Timeline

Please follow this process for acquiring a State Land Lease for new school construction. 

State Land Acquisition/Lease Process

SFB LA 201-08 Affidavit for Pesticide Restrictive Covenants is to be completed during the land acquisition process by the district when there is no agricultural use or farming of land within a one-quarter (1/4) mile radius of the subject property and when no Pesticide Restrictive Covenants are required for any of the parties within a one-quarter (1/4) mile radius of the subject property.

Affidavit for Pesticide Restrictive Covenants

To apply for review of a potential school site or facility, please complete an application and submit it to Kerry Campbell at [email protected].

Land Acquisition Policy

Donation Application

Purchase or Lease Application


The SFOB has collaborated with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in the development of a Consultation Form, Implementation Guide, and Memorandum of Understanding to efficiently submit for review and consultation the archaeology surveys for land acquisition for compliance with the State Historic Preservation Act. School districts acquiring land may submit the Consultation Form directly to SHPO or provide the archaeology survey to the SFOB for submission to SHPO on the district's behalf. SHPO approval of the land use is required prior to SFOB disbursement of funding to acquire land.

SHPO Consultation Form
SHPO Implementation Guide
SHPO Memorandum of Understanding