Shawn Masel

image of Shawn Masel
School Facilities Liaison

Shawn H. Masel brings the perspective of an urban school district project manager to the School Facilities Oversight Board staff.  Prior to joining the team, Shawn worked with Tucson Unified as a Project Compliance Technician and Project Manager, where she continually developed her knowledge and experience with the grant application process and the Minimum Adequacy Guidelines. As a Liaison for school districts, she has first-hand knowledge of the PayAppinator and eCivis grant management programs from the district's perspective and serves as an invaluable resource. Through collaboration with contractors and the assistance of her colleagues at TUSD, she learned about the inner workings of school facilities and construction practices.  Prior to moving to Arizona in 2018, she worked a combined 15+ years in the telecommunications industry and the pharmaceutical industry as a project manager.  Shawn is excited to share her knowledge with all school districts in the State, and to foster the benefits SFOB programs provide.