Board Packet Schedule for 2021

The following schedule has been established for school districts to submit their project paperwork/applications to their SFB Liaison based upon the dates of the upcoming Board meetings. If a school district submits the project paperwork/application by the submittal deadline, the SFB Liaison will review the submission and determine if it is complete and may be included on the agenda for the next meeting. However, if any additional information is needed, the project may need to be put on a future agenda.  If a school district misses a deadline, the project may be considered for a future meeting.

SFB Board Meeting                  School District Deadline
       1/06/2021                                       12/14/2020
       2/03/2021                                         1/11/2021
       3/03/2021                                         2/09/2021
       4/07/2021                                         3/16/2021
       5/05/2021                                         4/12/2021
       6/02/2021                                         5/10/2021
       8/04/2021                                         7/12/2021
       9/01/2021                                         8/10/2021
     10/06/2021                                         9/13/2021
     11/03/2021                                       10/11/2021
     12/01/2021                                       11/09/2021

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