Energy Efficiency Grants

FB AWARDS ENERGY EFFICIENCY GRANTS: On January 20, 2010, the Board approved the award of 29 Energy Efficiency Grant projects to 25 districts totallng $12,132,515.  In total, these projects, with an estimated cost of $43,600,825, will save $5,567,738 per year in utility costs.  The average payback is approximately eight years.

UPDATE 11/17/09: The grant application deadline of November 6, 2009 has passed and the SFB is no longer accepting applications.  Our initial review revealed that 105 applications were received; 44 districts submitted applications totaling $103,810,266 in project costs.

UPDATE 10/6/09: The SFB is not requiring a district governing board resolution at the time a grant application is submitted.

The SFB is now accepting applications for the funding of energy efficiency projects through the stimulus energy grant program. Below are links to the program statement and supporting documents. Please read these documents carefully and direct questions to your district liaison.

Click the link above to start the application process.  Choose the district from the drop-down menu, go to GRANTS in the top menu, then select Stimulus Energy Grant Application in the drop-down menu.  Click on START NOW to begin a new application. Applications will only be accepted through this online web-based program. To view a DRAFT application, select the School Facilities Board from the drop-down menu and use password E81A9. District applications are PASSWORD PROTECTED.

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