Funding for Site Specific Conditions


Additional Funding Guide on New Construction Projects for Site Specific Criteria: *

Any additional funding shall require that the total project and its additional funded portions be publicly bid.

  • Cost of dynamite blasting or hand-held pneumatic or hydraulic equipment where it is a necessity and not just convenient or an expedient option **
  • Cost of replacing collapsible soil with engineered fill under concrete footings and floor slabs **
  • Cost of concrete engineered slabs and/or piles to replace collapsible soil conditions **
  • Cost of excavating soil as follows:
    • 1. Cost below 18 inches from finish grade **
  • Cost of deep footings in excess of 36 inches below finished grade for single story **
  • Cost of engineered fill under educational buildings to raise finish floor 12 to 18 inches above flood-plain, if not available on site.

* Additional SFB Site Specific Funds shall be initially paid for from the project New School Contingency
funds before the remainder, if any is released to the district. SFB Board determined it would use
contingency funds for any issue prior to increasing the budget for a project.
** At or under educational buildings only

NO Additional Funding to be allowed for the following design or construction methods and other building requirements:

  • Type and size of earth moving equipment is determined by project conditions and always a
  • direct cost to the project original SFB budgets
  • SFB does not fund excavation of playfields (or parking lots beyond required minimum)
  • Depth in placing site utilities shall be set by local and state code; is always inclusive with the
  • SFB original budgets
  • New school facilities must meet Arizona School Facilities Board approved budget; it shall be the District’s and Architect of Record’s responsibility to bring before the ASFB Staff an estimate within that approved budget in order to receive final bid or construction approval from the Executive Director.
    1. School facilities design and final compliance to meet ASFB budget is the sole responsibility of the School District, Architect of Record, CM @ Risk, and/or Design Build Contractor/Architect of Record
    2. General Local Construction Authority requirements are considered inclusive and always a direct cost to the project original SFB budgets
    3. School District Facilities and Equipment Standards above ASFB requirements
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