Executive Order 2005-05, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Checklist

These forms contain the Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Checklist and Worksheets. The Architect/Engineer are to fill out these forms for all new construction projects. 

"Projects shall comply with current Ashrae 90.1/ Ashrae 62/IECC"

"Waterless urinals shall be considered in all new projects"

"The equipments/products shall be certified as 'energy star' or as recommended by federal energy management program unless shown not to be cost-effective on a life cycle cost basis"

8 Years Payback Rule: SFB currently pays for High Performance T8 lamps under 8 years payback Rule. In addition to it, the districts are encouraged to present a design proposal with T5 lamps, or higher efficiency A/C units or Heat pumps. The qualification is contingent on utility cost, operating hours, and cost of upgrade. 

Rules and Statutes in relation to Energy and Water Efficiency

  • ARS 34-451 (A): The department of commerce in consultation with persons responsible for building systems shall adopt and publish energy conservation standards for construction of all new capital projects as defined in section 41-790, including buildings designed and constructed by school districts, community college districts and universities. These standards shall be consistent with the recommended energy conservation standards of the American society of heating, refrigerating and air conditioning engineers and the international energy conservation code.
  • ARS 34-451 (E): All state agencies shall procure energy efficient products that are certified by the United States department of energy or the United States environmental protection agency as energy star or that are certified under the federal management program in all categories that are available unless the products are shown not to be cost-effective on a life cycle cost basis.
  • ARS 45-313.01: Every effort shall be made to install water free urinals in all new state buildings constructed after the effective date of this section that constitute capital projects as defined in section 41-790 and to install water free urinals in existing state buildings.
  • Executive Order 2005-05: Implementing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in New State Buildings
  • R7-6-261: Energy Saving Measures: New school facility construction and, as required, building renovations in existing schools, shall include, where reasonable, energy conservation upgrades that will provide dollar savings in excess of the cost of the upgrade within eight years of the installation.

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Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Checklist

Executive Order 2005-05

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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