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District Funding Resolution


Sample resolution for districts to provide if they are contributing district funds to a new construction project

Energy Calculators

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Arizona School Facilities Board distributes building renewal funds to the school districts every year. The building renewal funds can be used to upgrade HVAC units, Lighting, Building Envelope/Roofing/ Insulation or Doors and Windows.

You can use the calculators below to determine the Energy savings/Payback with each of these upgrades.

Energy Usage and Payback Calculator - AC Unit
Energy Usage and Payback Calculator - Heat Pump
Energy Usage and Payback Calculator - Insulation (Electric Heating)
Energy Usage and Payback Calculator - Insulation (Gas Heating)
Energy Usage and Payback Calculator -

Energy Efficiency Grants

ARRA Solar Projects
School Facilities Board Document and Forms

FB AWARDS ENERGY EFFICIENCY GRANTS: On January 20, 2010, the Board approved the award of 29 Energy Efficiency Grant projects to 25 districts totallng $12,132,515.  In total, these projects, with an estimated cost of $43,600,825, will save $5,567,738 per year in utility costs.  The average payback is approximately eight years.

UPDATE 11/17/09: The grant application deadline of November 6, 2009 has passed and the SFB is no longer accepting applications.  Our initial review revealed that 105 applications were received; 44 districts submitted applications totaling $103,810,266 in project costs

Energy Star Program

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Join ENERGY STAR and reduce energy consumption...
Would you like to get information on ways to reduce energy consumption in your school district? The U.S. EPA is offering several resources through its ENERGY STAR Program. If your school district is interested in being a partner, please sign up for ENERGY STAR through this website

Energy Star Program


Roofing Performance Specifications Policy

Executive Order 2005-05, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Checklist


These forms contain the Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Checklist and Worksheets. The Architect/Engineer are to fill out these forms for all new construction projects. 

"Projects shall comply with current Ashrae 90.1/ Ashrae 62/IECC"

"Waterless urinals shall be considered in all new projects"

"The equipments/products shall be certified as 'energy star' or as recommended by federal energy management program unless shown not to be cost-effective on a life cycle cost basis"

8 Years Payback Rule: SFB currently pays for High Performance T8 lamps under 8 years payback Rule. In addition to it